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Did you you know that the City AND the Region have a place for you to post your opinions and questions? Do you want to see what others are saying? Do you just want to know what issues are being talked about?
Welcome to Engage Waterloo!

engageWaterloo - have your say on current city projects, online, anytime

The City is always working on many projects, including park enhancements, neighbourhood development, programs, strategies and plans, etc. Staff posts topics on engageWaterloo to request feedback from all community members, including those who work, study, and/or live in Waterloo. This feedback helps shape the decisions that are made.

Click Your Response to answer a few questions to help us understand how you would like to participate in municipal projects.

More information about engageWaterloo

Each topic has an Introduction, explaining the project and the public involvement process. Comments submitted by other participants can be viewed in the Feedback tab. The Your Response tab is where you can submit your own feedback (you may choose to submit a comment anonymously), and once a topic is closed the project outcome will be included in the Outcome tab.

To post your feedback on engageWaterloo, you will need to register. To register, you can create an account or use Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn to log in (engageWaterloo will not post on your social media feeds). Your personal information will remain confidential.

You only need to register once to participate in all current and future topics. The purpose of registration is to maintain the security and civility of the site and to allow staff to track which areas of the city (or outside the city) comments are from.

To receive updates about topics, you can subscribe by going to “Info” and selecting subscribe and entering your email.

For more information, click on Using this Forum

Questions? Contact Janet Email: janet.standen@waterloo.ca Phone: 519-747-8585 TTY: 1-866-786-3941



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