Pool Rules


1. Members and their guests must sign in for each visit. Guests are permitted only when a member who remains present for the duration of the visit accompanies them. See Guest Policy.

2. Children under 8 must be supervised by a member who is 12 years or older while on Rec Centre property; includes lessons, crafts and special events.

3. Swimmers must shower before entering the water and comply with all Department of Health Regulations for pool usage. Guidelines are posted at the Rec Centre.

4. Instructions from BPHA life guard staff must be complied with; one long whistle blast means ‘emergency’; everyone must clear the pool area, immediately and in an orderly fashion.

5. Children who are non-swimmers must remain within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian at all times. Children using a flotation device must be accompanied in the water by a parent or guardian.

6. At the discretion of life guard staff:

  • Children will be allowed in the shallow end of the pool alone if the child is be able to touch bottom with their head above the water surface and has completed Swim Kids 5.
  • Children will be allowed in the deep end alone, if the child is at minimum 5 years old and able to swim one length of the pool with skill and confidence.

7. Pets and bikes must be left outside the front gate. Skateboards, roller blades and other wheeled recreational devices are not permitted in the pool area.

8. Please leave the facility tidy; trash, compost and recycling should be carefully disposed of in the proper bins. No glass containers are permitted on the pool deck.


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