Tennis Court Rules

1. Private: Members only. Play is permitted between 8:00am – 11:00pm. Outside of Pool hours, you may enter/exit through the parking lot gate. Otherwise, please use the pool entrance and sign in to the Log Book at the guard station, poolside.

2. Association-sponsored activities have priority to courts (including lessons, tournaments, round robins, women’s/men’s tennis nights).

3. Only members are allowed to book courts, by booking online. One hour reserved time limit, per household, per day. Reservations are forfeited after a 10 minute no show. Guests are permitted only when playing with a member who is present.

4. Suitable tennis attire must be worn at all times (shoes, shorts, shirt); only tennis shoes are permitted (no street shoes or sandals).

5. The courts are for tennis only. No bicycles, skates, skateboards, in-line skates, hockey or other non-tennis activity are permitted. No pets. No food or drinks. No climbing on the fence or abuse of nets or other equipment.

6. The last Member to play nightly must: switch off the lights, lock the tennis gate and pull the parking lot gates closed.


Guest Policy

Guests can only play when accompanied by a member.

Members playing with a  Non-Tennis Pro guest (i.e. non-member)  will be invoiced at season end  $5 per session when the guest plays a total of more than 2 times a month either with one member or with more than one member. When a guest plays with more than one member an invoice for these guest fees will be sent to only the member who has played the most with the guest.and not the other members playing with this guest, based on their total guest bookings in the online booking tool.

New This Year

If Members are signing in a Tennis Pro/ or using a BPHA Tennis Staff member outside of his/her contract period for their own private/semi private lesson must pay a $10.00 fee to the BPHA  in replacement of the $5.00 guest fee.


To make a payment of guest fees you can submit a cheque payable to Beechwood Park Homes Association with the memo line to read "Guest Tennis Fees."  The cheque should be deposited in the BPHA/black mailbox or e-transfer to bphabookkeeper

It is the Member's responsibility to ensure their guests adhere to this policy.

Many thanks for helping keep BPHA viable as a valuable Community Association.


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